Image courtesy of Carolyn Ann Geason

DeFi will make Commercial Real Estate Increasingly Antifragile and That’s a Good Thing.

The capital for commercial real estate comes from four sectors, differentiated by their scalability and their risk tolerance and aversions. At a high level, residential real estate is indistinguishable from commercial real estate, but when you look…

Fractionalized commercial real estate has the power to act as a stabilizing force within the DeFi ecosystem, although it will never be a purely digital project. A lot of the appeal of DeFi is the idea that no central authority — no state, no central bank — can control or…

Decentralized finance, DeFi, is really the perfect use case for blockchain technology. It seems obvious to me that DeFi will eventually overtake the legacy finance system, I won’t really explore that concept (but others do a great job), I really take it as a given. How long this process will…

Decentralized Real Estate

A decentralized internet-scale real estate DAO committed to growing within the DeFi ecosystem.

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